“First” Step in my dissertation

A number of years ago I did my first dissertation as part of my MBA. I enjoyed doing the MBA and the dissertation but there is fuzzy memory here because if I really remember back I found it hard and difficult. It is the same story… time where to get the time.

But as with most of this course I have found a lot of aspects a challenge and yet there was great satisfaction in figuring it out. One of the things I did not do was share publicly the work I did and the stress that I suffered in doing the last dissertation .

I have completed the modules of the current course. The course was a Masters in Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs which I was doing on-line for the last 2 years. Despite knowing the importance of starting early it was just not possible. Doing any course while being full-time employed and dealing with life’s ups and downs over a two year period is hard. For me, as a non-Medical Device person, practically every element of the course was a learning curve so at the end of each semester I was jacked.

New MacBook Pro 2020

But we are where we are ..so this week I have made the first real steps on the dissertation. I have made small attempts but this is now the big step up. Unfortunately my MacBook crashed so I have treated myself to a new one…how I will pay for it I do not know. I had some apps which are good for gathering and collating. The apps that I am planning to use are;

  • Mendeley Reference Manager for scraping citations and as a citation reference
  • Highlights which is an enhanced app for highlighting text but also collating your notes
  • Devonthink as a knowledge manager for my notes
  • Scrivener as an alternative to MS Word as it is handy for working in blocks
  • Mindjet Mindmap which I use extensively at work and find great for mapping out my approach
  • As a task manager I use Omnifocus as I have it linked across all my devices.

I will see how it goes because I am conscious that I will procrastinate by playing with settings and synching. However if I use these tools as part of a process it should, in theory, help extract out the best information.

Finally I set up this sub-domain on my main personal website to try on a daily basis blog what I hope to do and what I actually done. I use SiteGround as my hosting site because they are based in Europe. This is my affiliate link if you are looking for a good hosting site.

So everything in place… off we go