Morning Clarity

Morning Clarity

The social media chat with my fellow students on the dissertation path groans with the pain of trying to simply write. The issue for me is data overload with an inability to distill what I know into some sort of coherent text.

Apparently the movement of cat-cow, known as spinal flexion, increases the circulation of the spinal fluid. According to Kundalini yoga, because all 26 vertebrae receive stimulation and all the body’s energy centers get a wake-up call there is greater mental clarity,

Kundalini Pose

The simpler version I found this morning was a good nights sleep… or as good as you can have when the dog decides to share your pillow!

My dissertation is looking at Respiratory Inhalers and the impact of the MDR. My research term words gave me a lot of good information but none that gave me insight.

My impression was that for drug-device products that MDR appears to be an unnecessary additional requirement for Respiratory Products. As I woke up this morning I was having a grumble to myself “Why did they add Article 117?” … and so I googled that.

And oh boy what a trove of information I found. OK it is grey literature but it’s by people in the industry. This will help when I get to my core discussions.