Research Proposal

The Research Proposal is a strange beast. It is the equivalent of a Project
Scope Statement which for most major projects you would expect to have in
place. The general tendency for people is to jump in and start doing something,
anything that looks like progress. And a lot of times that may be more than
adequate, often a “Tis grand” approach will at least get the work
done .

As we start considering larger projects which may have a bigger impact on
more than one stakeholder and the outcome may be critical then a Project Scope
Statement does come into its own. In creating a Statement it is probably the
first step from concept to reality. The Statement distils what exactly will be
done, when and what resources are required. It also is a commitment statement
by all stakeholders that they are committed to the project and agree with the
plan. In a work environment such a document becomes invaluable if resources or
commitments disappear during a projects lifetime.

I committed to myself that I would do a Research Proposal. Of course I made
this personal commitment on probably one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a
long time. But to do a successful dissertation I need to communicate with my Supervisor
or in my case Supervisors. It is not anyway perfect but like a Project Scope
Statement it has forced me to stop thinking conceptually and start committing
something to paper.

And Yes, I did get a shock. I went from “OMG, there is nothing in
this” to maybe there is a nugget of a research proposal. I regret I could
not have started the dissertation in earnest months and months ago but for me
the modules were a significant challenge as I was coming from a much lower
understanding than my other colleagues in the course.

So attached is the proposal that I have sent to my Supervisors, for good or