The 1st Supervisor Meeting

For the sake of this blog’s timeline I will say that today was my first supervisor meeting but after two years with DB, as one of the principal lecturers on the course, there have been few such discussions. The principle goal of such discussions is to bring your rambling and over-ambitious rhetoric down to earth.

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The effects of a Dissertation Supervisor Meeting (picture courtesy of SleepSugar)

When I started this course my plan for the dissertation was to do an Insider Research project and work with the R&D group in the company as they commenced a journey with an innovative inhaler. There was a lot of canteen discussion regarding software and how our products may come into scope for the MDR.

Then due to work circumstances (mainly me having to travel a lot) I fell out of the routine that team had established and found it was not possible for me to re-integrate with that team. I still think it would have been a good project but it just proved too much of a challenge.

Then towards the end of last year, I was convincing myself that I would do a pure research-based project. This would involve reading and making notes on hundreds of relevant papers….. who was I codding! Well up to today I was codding myself.

DB with her no bluster (I think she is a Limerick woman) approach indicated that while such an approach was feasible it tended to be a very challenging one which was difficult to do well. As ever these thoughts had been crossing my mind too but when it is said straight up you realise its time to buckle down and focus on a standard approach… build on the shoulders of giants and all of that malarky.

SOOOO… Focus on the literary review first and build towards research questions. Then try and a do 10 interviews with people relevant to the respiratory industry…. no bother for an introvert!